Lost Property Procedure

Regulations regarding lost property on public service vehicles are contained in the PSV (Lost Property) Regulations 1978 (SI 1978 No. 1684) as amended by the PSV (Lost Property)(Amendment) Regulations 1995 (SI 1995 No. 185).

When any lost property is handed into the Travel Centre either by the public, drivers or Service Managers the following procedure must be completed:

  • All Items are recorded on a new lost property sheet for each day, completing the name of the person who handed the item in, a description of the item, the time it was handed in and the service it was found on.
  • Any valuable items are recorded in a separate book, noting the date, description of the item, who handed in the item, and who it was handed in to. The contents of purses/wallets are checked with two people present and an exact amount of money is recorded within the description.
  • The driver is required to search the vehicle for lost property either before or on termination of a journey, where practicable. If any property is found this is handed in at the Travel Centre and the driver is then issued with a written receipt for valuable lost property items.
  • All items then have a label attached to them, stating the date, time, route number, bus number, description and who handed the item in.
  • The company must return official documents, including passports, to the appropriate issuing or controlling body.
  • Where the name and address of the owner is readily ascertainable, the company will inform the owner of property other than official documents that he has such articles in safe custody
  • Any valuable items are placed in the safe and other items within the lost property box, with an exception of any perishables which are kept separate and can only be stored for a short period of time – after which they have to be disposed.
  • The lost property is kept in the Travel Centre for two weeks before being sent to the Warrington's Own Buses Depot with a list attached, recording all items that are sent.
  • All items are kept at the depot for four weeks. Any valuable items can be reserved by the driver who found them and after four weeks all unclaimed items can then be collected and paid for by the driver. If unclaimed, 50% of any money is given to the driver and the company cashes in the other 50%. Every few months the company donates this money to a charity of its choice.


  • Whoever collects the item must give an accurate description that matches the item. Eg. For phones this includes background images, make & model. For wallets/purses the contents, the names on any cards inside etc.
  • The back of the lost property card attached to each item must be signed and dated, along with a full name and address. These are then stored at the Travel Centre for future reference.
  • Then every item that has been collected is recorded as collected on the lost property sheet.
  • Warrington's Own Buses does not charge a handling fee

Return of Lost Property

The company must return official documents, including passports, to the appropriate issuing or controlling body. Where the name and address of the owner is readily ascertainable, the company must inform the owner of property that, other than official documents, the property is in the company’s safe custody. Warrington's Own Buses does not charge a handling fee. However, if lost property is forwarded to a claimant by the operator, the cost of post and packaging must be paid in advance by the claimant.

Disposal of Lost Property 

The Company may dispose of lost property it sees fit after one month from the date found if:

  • It is not claimed
  • The company is not satisfied that the claimant is the owner of the property, or
  • The owner refuses or omits to give his/her name and address or pay the postal fee

Perishable Property

Perishable goods may be destroyed or disposed of in some other way within 48 hours if not claimed, or, if such property becomes objectionable, it may be disposed of at any time.

Keeping of Records

The company is required to keep records, for a period of not less than six months, of all property lost, found, returned and disposed of. These records must be made available for inspection by a police constable or any person authorised by the Traffic Commissioners.

Last updated: 5th August 2020

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