Midas FAQ

How do I get a Midas card?

You can register online by clicking here. Alternatively, you can fill in the form at the bottom of this page and take it to the Travel Centre at Warrington Interchange. Your card will be issued immediately.

How do I use my Midas card?

To use your card to pay for a journey simply hover your card over the target on top of the ticket machine. The cost of the bus ticket will be deducted from the credit on your card.

How much does a Midas card cost?

The card itself is free, you choose how much to top it up by.

How do I top up my Midas card?

You can top up your card on the bus or at the Travel Centre in denominations of £5. There is a maximum top up limit of £20 on the bus and £50 at the Travel Centre.

When does the money stored on the card expire?


How can I check my balance?

Your balance will be printed on your receipt each time you buy a ticket on the bus.

Am I obligated to top up regularly?

No, you can top up as and when you need to.

Is the use of my Midas card limited to certain times of day?

No, you are able to use your travel card at any time.

Can I use the card on any bus?

You can use your Midas card on all Network Warrington bus services.

Can I buy tickets for other people?

Yes, the card is simply a cash replacement so you are able to buy tickets for more than one person.

Can I use the card to buy special tickets? (Eg. Breezer)


What if my card is lost or stolen?

Unfortunately we are unable to carry over any credit stored on the card. You will need to go to the Travel Shop with a completed registration form to apply for a new card.

Last updated: 5th August 2020

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