Service Change 15th February

With effect from Monday 15th February 2021, Warrington’s Own Buses will be making changes to a number of services. These changes mean that we are reducing our service levels on some routes to reflect the change in passenger numbers due to the current lockdown.

For our latest guidance on travelling by bus please refer to the on bus notices and our website

We will be operating around 80% of our normal service levels, including some dedicated school services. These are temporary changes and allow you to continue to make the majority of journeys with us.

Westy Services 1, 2, 11 & 12 - Services 1 & 2 will operate every 20/40 minutes across all sections of the route and every 20 minutes along Knutsford Road.

Service 4 has some minor timetable changes.

Service 13/14/15 will be reduced to every 60 minutes and services 14/15 are retimed to give a bus every 20 minutes through Hood Manor.

Dallam 16 & 16A will now operate every 15 minutes Monday to Friday.

Connect 17 will be reduced to every 30 minutes between Warrington, Gemini Retail Park & Callands and continue every 30 minutes between Warrington and Birchwood.

The Pops 20 & 21 will be reduced to operating every 15 minutes Monday to Friday.

Leigh 19, 28 & 28A will be reduced to every 60 minutes Monday to Friday.

Service 25 has some minor timetable changes.

Service 62 & 62A will only operate as far as Runcorn High Street with some morning and afternoon journeys going via Sci-Tech at Daresbury.

CAT5/5A has a minor change in the afternoon Monday to Friday 1631 5A becomes a 5 and the 1645 5 becomes a 5A.

Evening Services are reduced Monday to Friday in line with the Saturday evening service level.

School Services are reduced for Lymm High School.

There are no changes to Saturday or Sunday.

Last updated: 12th February 2021

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