Service Changes 8th June

With effect from Monday 8th June 2020, Warrington’s Own Buses will be making changes to a number of services. These changes will introduce additional capacity and journeys across our business to enable you to follow the latest guidance on travelling on public transport, including social distancing.

For our latest guidance on travelling by bus please refer to the on bus notices and here.

We will be operating around 70% of our normal service levels which means that we are operating a much enhanced service across all days of the week. To help simplify our services at evenings and weekends some services will be cancelled and replaced with their normal daytime service so that our network is easier to understand and we follow the same routes at all times.

WESTY SERVICES 1, 2, 11 & 12

Services 1 & 2 will operate every 20 minutes across all sections of the route. Services 11 & 12 will operate hourly during the off-peak period. Service 10 and 10A will not operate.


These will operate a half hourly frequency across all services.

WARRINGTON WEST 13, 14, 15 & 32

Service 13 will operate an hourly frequency and the 14 & 15 are retimed slightly, continuing to operate hourly, to provide a 20 minute service through Hood Manor estate. Service 32 will operate a 20 minute frequency and will serve Tannery Lane 8 times per day.

DALLAM 16 & 16A

Service 16 will operate every 15 minutes throughout the day. Service 16A will not operate. On Sundays the 20A and 21A will be replaced with additional journeys on the 16 to provide a bus every 30 minutes.


Service 17 will operate every 30 minutes across the full route from Birchwood to Gemini Retail Park/Callands Estate via Warrington Interchange.

THE POPS 20 & 21

Both services will operate every 15 minutes throughout the day. On Sundays the 20A and 21A will be replaced with additional journeys on both the 20 & 21 to provide a bus every 30 minutes. Service 21E will be replaced with service 21 in the evenings.

CHESHIRE CAT (5, 5A, 6, 7, 8, 8A, 9 & 9A)

Service 5 & 5A will operate every 2 hours. This means that services to Altrincham are now hourly instead of half hourly. Service 6 will operate hourly. Service 7, 8 & 9 are largely unchanged. Service 9A is not operating.

SERVICE 22 & 22A

Service 22 will operate hourly and service 22A will operate as normal.

LEIGH 19, 28, 28A & 28E

Services 19 & 28 will operate every 2 hours providing an overall hourly service between Warrington Interchange & Leigh.


This service will operate half hourly during peak times. Off peak the service will operate hourly to Gorse Covert and hourly to Cinnamon Brow.


This service will operate hourly between Warrington & Runcorn High Street Monday to Friday and two-hourly on a Saturday.

SERVICE 26, 26E, 27 & 27E

These services which operate on evenings and Sundays are withdrawn. The 26/26E is replaced by journeys on service 25 between Warrington Interchange and Cinnamon Brow/Gorse Covert. The 27/27E is replaced with journeys on service 17 between Warrington Interchange and Birchwood.

SERVICES 583, 590 & 596

These services are operating a two hourly frequency at present.

SERVICES 613, 630, 640, 641 & 715

These services are operating a reduced frequency to normal at present.


Services 47, 48/48A and contract services 96 & 98 will continue to operate as they have since the beginning of April.

Last updated: 2nd June 2020

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