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Touch & Go! Terms & Conditions

1. Use of smartcard is subject to the following terms and conditions 

1.1 The smartcard is not a cheque guarantee card, debit card or credit card. Drivers and officials of Warrington's Own buses may inspect your Touch & Go! card at anytime.

1.2 The smartcard remains the property of Warrington's Own Buses at all times. Warrington's Own Buses reserves the right to withdraw the smartcard at any time.

1.3 The registered holder should notify Warrington's Own Buses in writing of any change to their name, address or telephone number. This will enable contact to be made should the need arise.

2. Use

2.1 Smartcards can be used on all Warrington's Own Buses on public services as advertised. It is not valid on contract and other special services.

2.2 On boarding the bus, the smartcard must be placed on the bullseye on top of the ticket machine with any photograph clearly visible to the driver. In case of difficulty, the cash fare for the journey should be paid and the smartcard returned to Warrington's Own Buses Travel Centre where it can be checked and replaced if necessary. Warrington's Own buses will make appropriate compensation for valid cards that have failed.

2.3 Once the smartcard has been used, it cannot be used again on the same bus for a period of 5 minutes.

2.4 Warrington's Own Buses will withdraw any smartcard that they believe has been tampered with, is being misused or which has become electronically or visually unreadable.

3. Loss/Failure

3.1 Warrington's Own Buses cannot prevent the unauthorised use of lost or stolen smartcards until it has been reported by the registered holder and the card cancelled by us.

3.2 The loss, theft or failure of a smartcard must be notified to Warrington's Own Buses as soon as possible. The can be done at Warrington's Own Buses Travel Centre (Mon - Fri 0730 - 1800, Sat 0900 - 1700) or by phoning 01925 634296 (Mon-Thu 0900-1700, Fri 0900-1600). On receipt of the registered holder’s details including name, address and mother’s maiden name, Warrington's Own Buses will cancel the card as soon as possible.

3.3 Once cancelled, smartcards cannot be re-activated. If a card is reported lost and subsequently found, it will not work, but we will issue a replacement card.

3.4 Once the card has been cancelled, the registered holder will be issued with a replacement card. The charge for issuing a replacement card is £5 for the first replacement and £10 for each subsequent replacement, payable on collection. The replacement card will have the same expiry date as the lost card.

3.5 Replacement cards will be available for collection from Warrington's Own Buses Travel Centre in Warrington Interchange.

4. Duration

4.1 The Touch & Go! Card is purchased as a set weekly, monthly or annual card ('the set period') and will be deemed to commence upon first use and will remain valid for the set period.

4.2 By agreeing to purchase a Touch & Go! Card for a set weekly, monthly or annual period you are acknowledging that a promotional offer has been made which is calculated based upon the assurance that you agree to purchase the Touch & Go! Card for the set period.  You thereby agree to purchase the Touch & Go! Card for the entire period and you will not be entitled to cancel the card otherwise that in accordance with the terms of the "Cancellation/Refund" clause below.

5. Cancellation/Refund

5.1 You may be entitled to cancel your Touch & Go! Card at anytime during the set period and any request for cancellation should be made in person by producing the Touch & go! Card to the Travel Centre in Warrington Interchange.  Acceptance of any request to cancel will be purely at the discretion of Warrington's Own Buses. Warrington's Own Buses will generally only accept requests for cancellation in the following circumstances:

  • Completely Unused, no first use
  • Removal of Service

5.2 The Touch & Go! Card will remain valid for the duration of the set period, unless Warrington's Own Buses agree to your request for cancellation.  Unless a cancellation/refund is accepted you will remain liable for all charges for the set period.  Failure to make any relevant payment may result in enforcement action.

5.3 In the event that you have purchased a Touch & Go! Card for a set annual period and the Touch & Go! Card has remained valid for a period of 8 months or more, then no request for cancellation/refund will be accepted and you will be required to satisfy the remaining payments.

6. Direct Debit

6.1 If for any reason other than the fault of Warrington's Own Buses your direct debit is cancelled or payment is not received on the due date or is rejected then Warrington's Own Buses will deactivate the associated Touch & Go Card without notice. The overdue payment will be required before a new card will be issued, subject to the charges for replacement cards above.

6.2 If for any reason other than the fault of Warrington's Own Buses you fail to meet your direct debit obligations on more than one occasion then Warrington's Own Buses reserve the right to exclude you from the Direct Debit scheme, and payment of the full outstanding balance against the Touch & Go Card will be required before a new card will be issued, subject to the charges for replacement cards above.

7. Offers 

7.1 Warrington's Own Buses may from time to time contact the registered holder with details of service information or special offers, Any registered holder who would like to be removed from this promotional list should write to Warrington's Own Buses at the address below. 


8. Covid-19 Track and Trace

8.1 During these unprecedented times it is more important than ever to protect your health and safety whilst travelling on our services. Accordingly, your data may be shared with a public health authority, a contract tracing scheme or a contracted customers (including, but not limited to, Warrington & Vale Royal College, Cronton & Riverside College, Priestley College & Lymm High School). The Company will consider a request for information from these bodies and will only transfer personal data to the extent that it proportionate to do so in order to protect your own safety, that of other passengers and those that you may come into close contact with, including family members.

The data will only be shared where there is reasonable cause to do so as identified by government guidance (in force at the time) in order to prevent the spread of coronavirus and/or to notify in the event a positive case of Covid-19 has been identified on the bus you travelled on.


Warrington's Own Buses, Wilderspool Causeway, Warrington, Cheshire WA4 6PT 
Warrington's Own Buses reserve the right to vary these Terms and Conditions at any time.

Last updated: 4th February 2021

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