Cheshire cats catch the cream!

8 months ago Tue 17th Oct 2023

We're thrilled that our friends at Great Scenic Journeys have taken the time to travel on two of our fabulous Cheshire Cat bus routes servicing Altrincham and Northwich. Their full article is avaiable by clicking here and is summarised below.

Warrington may not be synonymous with scenic beauty, but it offers fantastic value as a gateway to two of our fabulous bus journeys. These journeys through Cheshire's serene heartland offer beautiful landscapes and fascinating destinations. With a single ticket cost of only £2, these routes provide the ultimate budget-friendly adventure.

Before embarking on these journeys, explore Warrington's historical and modern attractions, including Walton Hall and Gardens, the Warrington Museum and Art Gallery, and the Catalyst Science Discovery Centre. For shoppers, the Golden Square Shopping Centre and Warrington Market offer diverse options.

The Cat 9/9A route takes you through picturesque Cheshire countryside, quaint villages, and landmarks like Marbury Park. It leads to Northwich, where you can explore the Weaver Hall Museum and Workhouse, Lion Salt Works, and more. Northwich hosts various events throughout the year and offers a vibrant community spirit.

Returning to Warrington, you can catch the Cat 5/X5 to Altrincham. This journey also offers scenic beauty, with attractions like Lymm Dam, Carrington, and more. In Altrincham, you can explore the bustling Altrincham Market, Stamford Park, Dunham Massey, and the Altrincham Garrick Playhouse. Don't forget to check out the iconic clock tower and access convenient tram services to nearby areas.

These two routes provide an affordable and exciting way to explore Cheshire's hidden gems and natural beauty.